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SOD : Studio of Design and Architecture

It looks great on you, what a great bag gucci zone

Congrats, it looks so pink in your pic LVoe it lv bags
,Looove your Almas!!!!! louis vuitton replica,

h, ha, that's right, thanks. Not quite there yet, but by the end of the year I wouldn't say either of them look too feminine. I actually have the damier ebene in the 4-key holder and passport cover. Just, in both lines, the hardware (if there is any) is gold, so for the two pieces I have, little to louis vuitton bags purses

I'm one of the rarer ones here and will say PONT-NEUF ALL THE WAY!!! I tried both on in the store and absolutely fell in love with it's practicality. I love how it's shape is more modern and sleek and all of the compartments make it easy to keep things organized. Gotta love that alcantara lining too :P christian louboutin daffodil
,love them both~!! COngrats~!! lv bags,

Epi Pont Neuf - any modeling pictures?Poll~ Epi Pont Neuf Or Epi Jasmin*PICS! louis vuitton damier


I'm grateful that I own LV period but i'd have to choose my Mono Noe and Mono Totally GM. lv handbag